3 weeks PO

With this post I will be finally up to date.

If things go as planned, then I am a little bit over halftime now with my six weeks toe touching. Yay.


I have had some ups and some downs in my last week. The good news first…

  • Sleep is much better. That deep, nagging soreness in my op thigh is gone. Still achy but doable.
  • Small but not overrated – I can put my own socks and shoes on again. It takes a little bit but eventually I get it done.
  • Showering became easier
  • Stairs are getting better. They take  A  LOT  of balance and strength.





Not so good… my crutches and I don’t get along. My crutches are fitted to my height, I have used them extensively before and know the right technique but somehow they are stressing my body out.



My R forearm is sore, it goes in the L wrist and makes my tendinitis come back, my R elbow is not happy and no matter how I cushion it (on top of having “Crutcheze” pads), my arm pit feels bruised.

I made some research and found “mobil legs”. They get really good ratings, have shock absorbers in them and supposedly they are better for your wrists.


Another bonus would be to not fatigue with them as quickly. At the moment anything beyond 50 yards is considered long distance to me. Can’t wait to try them out. (Only somebody like me can get excited about getting new crutches… that’s the spirit, right?)




The bad news is, the stationary bike is seriously stressing out my hip flexor.




I only do my five minutes twice a day anyways, as instructed by my OS but it just hurts, so I am not doing it anymore. The hip flexor and me, we have a very “special” relationship as it is. After my second surgery it gave me 24/7 grief for a year and it had just recently calmed down again.

For somebody who never had issues with the psoas this might not mean anything but for people who have, they  KNOW  what I mean. This is a major and much understated muscle and if it decides to give you hell – hell it is.


I forsee a lot of psoas and soft tissue problems again with this and a lot of quality time spend with my ART (active release therapy) lady.





Two things mad me very happy last week. I tried a very short and gentle piece on the piano…




… and my husband and I went for a short drive. Granted, it was just running some errands but it was nice to get out.

It would be much easier if it wasn’t the dead of winter but it is. At least I made the smart decision not to leave the car once I saw what the parking lot looked alike. No way Jose!




Pain wise I am okay. I can not crutch around for too long, it gets tiring quickly and my op hip will start throbbing again, but for the most parts I am ok.

It’s a fine balance between “you have to rest” and “you need to move, otherwise you get DVT”.

Nights are still not super great but “better”. I still wake up each time I change positions and have to turn very carefully. Getting better though. 👍🏻


Did I mention already that I found a really promising looking new PT place?? I have dealt with eight different PT’s in my last two recoveries and nobody really stood out. I could name a bunch of them  who were terrible though.

From creepy, stupid, lazy, having a “I don’t give a shit” attitude , making fun of me when I couldn’t do an exercise because I was in pain, to the ones who had no clue what they were doing.


This new place looks good. By coincidence they are in the same building as my orthopedic surgeon is and they are “a member of the HSS (famous hospital for special surgery in NYC) rehabilitation network”.

Once I get the green light from my surgeon, I give them a call.


That’s it from over here. I am in good spirits, don’t have cabin fever and little pain. Can’t ask for more.





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