The countdown is on!



In 48 hours I have my big six week follow up appointment with my OS. It will be then decided how Majesty hip is doing.


My head is buzzing with potential diagnoses and all different kind of “what if…” scenarios and the individual domino effects.

I read up about AVN, malunion, nonunion and don’t like any of those but it also will be decided how much my bone has healed already, if I can start with PT or I have to give it more quality time on crutches and continue the waiting game. A little bit more weight bearing would certainly be nice, not just for my other hip, but also for my hands, elbows, shoulders and SI joints.


I “should” get good news though. I have my age working in my favor, except for my drama queen hip I am fit and healthy, my bones are strong without any sign of osteoporosis ; I eat a clean diet and no junk food, I don’t smoke and I don’t drink.

Plus I “feel” like some healing has taken place already. Fingers crossed for good news.




I continued making research and started thinking outside the box a bit and voila, I found a whooping four young people, with a complete hip fracture!

It was comforting to see others having the same questions and going through the same thing but their protocols but recovery timelines could not have been more different from each other.

  • Some were partial weight bearing right after surgery whereas I am toe touching for six weeks.
  • One guy was outside on his bike three weeks after surgery – I can do 5 minutes on my stationary bike every other day without resistance and so slowly, the monitor does not even bother to turn on, at 5 weeks PO.
  • Another fellow started partial weight bearing after 10 weeks on crutches and it took him 1 year to come back.
  • And one crazy guy started jogging (!) after six weeks PO already.


Interesting read but not really helpful since they vary so much. Since there is NO way I will start biking outdoors anytime soon or start running on the treadmill next week, this was the most helpful and realistic tip…



It will be what it will be. I’ll update when I know more.






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