PT is getting started

6.5 weeks PO and I have my first physical therapy under my belt. Tadaa!




The good news – the place makes a really good first impression on so many levels. It is the biggest and most serious looking therapy place I have ever been in, with a lot of gym equipment, many tables for patients to lay on and also lots of physical therapists.




My PT is a young guy, who has a doctorate in physical therapy and really seems to know what he is doing.

He already gets a bonus point for not being creepy (I had other PT’s at other places who were), is very professional, efficient and focused.

Today I was there for almost two hours; for evaluation, measuring things like strength, range of motion, flexibility, gait ect.

He also worked on two other patients during this time but I never felt left alone. He was either with me or close by and kept an eye on me and my exercises.


And here the bad news – my op side leg is a mess.

Whatever he measured was either almost non existent, very limited, extremely weak or very tight. Super.


  • Internal and external roation – limited
  • Gluteus medius – weak
  • Quads – weak
  • Hamstrings – very weak
  • Hip flexor – very tight
  • Adduction – oooookay
  • Abduction – very weak
  • TFL band – tight
  • Around the hip flexor and the incisions – adhesions and scar tissue




Somehow I did not expect it to be just  THAT  bad. I guess I underestimated the whole thing a bit.

I told him I am a  v-e-r-y  slow healer and he is fine with it but urged me to put a bit more weight on my op hip/ leg, for compression of the fracture and to snap the cells who are responsible for putting down minerals and bone out of it and put things in second gear.


I was shown seven new exercises which I have to do 1x day, 3 sets of 10 plus twice the stationary bike for five minutes. No resistance and very gentle.

The other day I tried 10 minutes in the morning, 10 in the evening and regretted it big time at night. My hip and soft tissue was angry, like a 5/10. Lesson learnt.




I have now PT twice a week for about a month and then we will go down to once a week.

He said hard callus should form by PO week 12 and then bone. So I am for sure another 6 weeks on crutches, minimum. Amazing for how long I have to pay for a “slip and fall” that took less than two seconds.




Nevertheless, I have a good feeling with this new PT guy and I will do it. I have already upgraded my walking speed from a sloth to a turtle. I have not gone through two tough hip surgery recoveries before to wimp out now.





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