Mini progress!

7 weeks PO and two physical therapy sessions down.

That place is hopping! A constant flow of patients coming and going, whereas I am by far the youngest. The average age there is 65 and somehow I always get stuck with some old guys who work out right behind me, making weird noises. Eeeeeek!

To warm up I was told to do the stationary bike for 10 minutes without resistance. I swear, among all the high tech equipment they have, this was the wimpiest bike there.




I was there for almost 1.5 hours and did all of my home exercises. My PT also did passive movement with my hip, to gain ROM.

He also did massage the scar tissue and the hip flexor. That needs major attention and I need to see an ART therapist for that, when I am more mobil again. It seems like I have quite a bit of really hard scar tissue in my thigh and of course adhesions.

He rolled out the TFL band too since it’s tight and I still have swelling in my upper thigh from surgery.


The only movement I should avoid is deep flexion with internal roation. Also, still no green light for going in the bathtub. Requires too much flexion of the hip.




My PT was happy with my exercises and we both could already see improvement. He gave me very specific exercises to target different muscles. Muscles that were in the sleeping mode for the last seven weeks and they need to be woken up again.

The home exercise program I was given takes me a good hour right now.


I am definitely walking better than last week too. I had people with walkers pass me in the hallway, but better is better.




I do get the feeling though that my PT rushes things a bit. Already at my first visit he told me about doing the anti gravity treadmill “ next time”. I am not a fan of the idea of doing it so incredibly early on.




After all, I have not formed bone or even reached 25% weight bearing yet. So when he suggested it at my last visit,  I told him no.


Maybe later on, when I am more weight bearing and stronger but at the moment my fracture is still there and is only being held together by three screws, and the middle one is “too short” as it is, according to my local OS.

In his opinion it should reach more/ longer into the femoral head and even though I am not a radiologist, looking at the Xray, I see what he means.


I asked my PT if he had patients my age with this kind of fracture before and was told “not too many”, which could also translate to “none”…. Hm.

He suggested to “put weights on the ankles” next time I do prone hip extension with a bent knee. (What part of me telling him that “I am a slow healer” did he not get??)



There won’t be any weights on my ankles next time!! It is plenty to work with my own body weight, especially so early on.


I have read one should avoid “too much too soon” since it’s a very delicate recovery. If one pushes things one can end up with a stress fracture in the femoral neck and that on top of the still fractured hip would have me headed straight to a THR. I need that as much as a hole in my head.

Already from the exercises we did I was in pain afterwards. My night was miserable and my hip was very angry. It also did not help to have me double my time on the stationary bike within two visits.





The verdict for this week is a good one. I am walking better, pain is in general low and PT is already paying off.


The next big hurdle is my 12 week PO follow up appointment. In a perfect world, the Xray should show hard callus and ideally, some new bone already. If not, then it means I am taking the scenic route in this recovery again and more quality time with my mobil legs.





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