Moving in the right direction

Physical therapy No. 3 completed.

I have been doing my home exercises every day and definitely see results already. Getting a bit stronger and a bit more ROM.




Walking is improving but I still have to be careful with each step. Putting some weight on it but not too much either. A very fine line to walk on.


My PT came back to planet earth and skipped crazy ideas this time. I did not do the bike from hell from last week  (I am sure that was what did me in) but was shown some new exercises, like bridges, more resistance on those elastic bands and working on the hamstrings who also don’t like me very much at the moment.




There are two types of fellow patients at that PT place. The really nice ones who say hello and even ask if I need a ride and then the grumpy ones with a bad attitude. Geez.


My op side leg and foot are still swollen and my PT said it’s still from surgery. Gravity also pulls the swelling down and it can take up to half a year to go away. Hm. I am hoping it gets better once I am allowed to put more bodyweight on it, whenever that will be.


Not much more to tell for this time. Yes, the crutches are getting old but it is what it is. Might as well make the best of it – my time will come.




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