8 weeks post operative

Finally – 2 months PO. This means business!

Last week I finished my prescribed Aspirin, which I had to take for 30 days after injecting myself daily with blood thinning medication for two weeks after surgery. The Aspirin had the same purpose.


Had another physical therapy, no rest for the weary.

My physical therapist is super efficient and always very hands on; he made me do all my home exercises, added some new ones (each 10x, sets of 3), like clams, straight leg raises, or working on the hamstrings as shown in the picture…


… and he got his way and made me wear a light weight on my ankle and finished up with  passive range of motion with that wonderful right hip of mine.

All in all I did about 15 exercises in almost 1.5 hours.

The weight was not too bad, one pound only – it was doable.


This was only my second week going there but according to my PT, I am making excellent progress.

I also practiced walking/ crutching with putting more weight on the op hip/ leg. I was supposed to put 25% of my bodyweight down for the last 2 weeks, but the first week was barely over 10% and now I worked myself up to a whooping 16%.


It’s still not enough and I was urged to really put an effort into it, to put more weight down. (Easier said than done…)


I  tried it yesterday and the hip was not a happy camper afterwards. It started to sting in the groin and was very sore. According to my PT it is “okay” for the hip to feel a 3/10 – 4/10 and be sore but it should not be a 6/10, 7/10 or higher.

I will try it but it is difficult to judge how much weight I should add to the leg while easing up with the arms and not  overdoing it by accident.


In a perfect world my hip would have started to form new bone and I would have upgraded to 50% weight bearing already but since my body likes to heal in snooze mode, neither is the case.

Behind schedule in everything. What else is new?



My practice crutch walk ended up in front of the anti gravity treadmill and I know it’s my PT’s secret agenda to have me on there.

I am not ready for it and also don’t like the idea of wearing some special shorts and being zipped into this thing. Alone the thought of it makes me claustrophobic but he is pretty much set on the idea of having me on there next week.  Y-i-k-e-s.

Scared French Bulldog Puppy


A few days ago I accompanied my husband to an indoor tennis lesson. It was nice to be out and about but god, did I wish I could be on the court and smack some balls. It would have been so perfect to let go of some frustrations.


My right leg continues to be swollen, gets kind of reddish and the ankle on the op leg looks like an elephant at night. Awfully attractive.


So, what’s the verdict for being 8 weeks PO?

I am content, my pain level is relatively low if I watch it and don’t crutch around too much and of course, ice is still my best friend.

Nights are okay, I can lay on my op side again for short periods of time; my PT exercises are paying off and I think I am moving in the right direction.

Slow as always but any progress is progress.



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