Feeling good!

Over the last couple of days there was  BIG  improvement in my crutch/ walking. I actually am able to put a bit more weight down and it does not hurt.

My goal is still  25% body weight = 46 lbs.; now at PO week 8, I am at 40 lbs.

I am totally getting there and I am thrilled about my progress.




Had another physical therapy session and my PT was very happy with me. He knows I follow instructions and am not doing stupid stuff.


While I was in the waiting room a young guy started talking to me. He had hip surgery as well, for labral tear.

Since I had two arthroscopic hip surgeries for labral tears in 2014 and 2015, I was interested in talking to him. Unfortunately it turned out he was an idiot and the nightmare of any orthopedic surgeon and PT to work with.

He totally ignores the given protocol for his recovery, went down to one crutch on his own after two weeks, got yelled at from “my” OS and just does his thing. I wish him  GOOD  luck with that shitty attitude. He will need it.


Another thing I never understand is how people have an injury, go through surgery and face rehab without showing an interest in what’s going on.

I made a ton of research for first my labral tears & FAI and now about hip fractures. This is my body, I need to know and after years of dealing with hips, I can say, I can hold my own now on the subject.







At PT I did basically all my home exercises:

  • supine heel slide
  • supine hip abduction (with 1 lbs. ankle weight)
  • straight leg raises (with 1 lbs. ankle weight)
  • supine hip internal & external roation (with 1lbs. ankle wright)
  • clams with resistance band
  • supine hip adduction isometric with foam roller, in between the knees and the ankles



  • Sidelaying hip abduction (with 1 lbs. ankle weight)
  • Pelvis rolls
  • Hamstring stretches
  • Prone hip extension with bend knee (with 1 lbs. ankle weight)

And a new exercise with a big ball for the hip flexor. Not sure what that’s called.


I am making more progress and it does not only show in better walking but also in being stronger and measurably more range of motion.

Week 1 was 80 degrees, week 2 – 101 degrees and week 3 – 110 degrees in hip flexion with bent knee. Steady progress!





Another good sign for the healing process is the swelling is less visible. Still some but no more elephant ankles at night. Yay.


I will have my next PT in a couple of days and my PT wants me to try going for 50 lbs. by then. I will certainly try but I can not make any promises.

(His idea is having me at 50 % weight bearing by the end of next week. Has a good ring to it but I think that’s a bit wishful thinking on his part….)

My No. 1 priority right now is to gradually increase body weight to my op hip and form bone. And I am doing it my pace.


In a few weeks we can start going for mini walks in the park again. Winter is hopefully over soon and spring is around the corner. Since I got totally cheated for winter this season, at least I want a nice spring.

My first goal is a certain tree in the park, about 100 yards/ meters in. That’s plenty and if I can crutch/ walk that with good technique, that would make my day.





I am also making good progress on my stationary bike. It used to be 5 minutes, twice a day without resistance; now I am at 7 minutes, twice a day.

The goal is 10 minutes, twice a day which I think I can do soon.


Optimistic as ever. 🙃




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