Doing the cha cha cha!

PO week 9 – what’s new?

I finally can put 25% bodyweight on my op hip/ leg! Took me three weeks. Sweet.

Ideally I should try to add some weight every week but for the moment I am very satisfied.




The aftermath of my previous PT was not very pretty. I felt sore, very achy and “bruised” on the inside for almost two days.

His  “let’s try to add another 10 lbs. bodyweight to the op hip/ leg till next time” did not happen, as already predicted. I was only resting and icing afterwards.


dog under a blanket on white


The last thing on my mind was adding more body weight to an already stressed out area.

So, back doing the cha cha cha.




My last PT was good. We are both not sure why my hip and “neighborhood” was so stressed out after last time, perhaps a case of “because it can”?

We stuck to the same exercises as last time, clams with resistance band, bridges, exercises with the 1lbs. ankle weight, hip flexor exercises with the ball…


(some of my PT toys…)



…but “we” (not sure why he always talks in plural) also did a new one for strengthening my quads.

(At the moment I have atrophy galore! My leg is half the size of the other, it’s just bone, no muscle whatsoever left. Lots of work ahead!)

I was told to push 20 lbs. with my op leg and could barely move it!




I struggled to get 3 sets of 10 done but got it done eventually.


My PT fine tuned my home exercises program as well. Some exercises got upgraded with harder ones. If I can manage, I should try to do the 20 lbs. exercise at home on a daily basis too.

If I ever feel like a 5/10 or higher on the pain scale, I should rest and take the day off. Will do, listening to your body is super important.




My next mini goal are 10 minutes twice a day/ without resistance, on my stationary bike. That I think I can do and creep my way up there.

I am content.




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