Another milestone



Great news – I am 50% weight bearing on my op hip/ leg! It definitely takes pressure off my arms and hands which is about time. My hands are taking quite a beating from 9 weeks on crutches.




I am still not walking very far and I keep track of my steps/ day with my fitbit. Right now anything up to 1,800 steps/ day is safe.


My home exercises are going well, I do all of my exercises every day and follow instructions to the “T”. Takes commitment and about an hours time but I only get out of it what I put into it, right?

I also have reached my goal, doing 10 minutes twice a day on the stationary bike, with zero resistance.


Amazingly enough I remember asking the orthopedic surgeon who performed my surgery the morning after, if she wants me to do the bike at all and she said “sure why not? Why don’t you start with 30 minutes?”




(“S-T-A-R-T  with 30 minutes???” I talked it over with my local OS and he said “five minutes”.

It took me 9 weeks to get to 10 minutes. How would I have “started off” with a freshly broken and operated hip with 30 minutes??)


Physical therapy went well. I slowly get to know the cast of characters there and it’s amazing how everybody has a story and is on a journey.

Today I talked to another patient and after she learnt I had broken my hip, she told me “honey, don’t worry. My Mom also just broke hers. She is 85.” (Not sure why this should comfort to me…)





My PT was very happy with my progress and gave me more and tougher exercises, like bridges on a big ball, like so…




…clams with a tighter resistance band and 2 lbs. ankle weights instead of 1lbs.

(I am not a fan of bridges, clams with or without resistance; and straight leg raises with a 2 lbs. weight strapped around my ankle were quite difficult for my hip.)

On a good note, the leg exercise for building up muscle mass in my thigh came real easy today with 20 lbs., last week I could hardly do it. So it looks like I woke up some muscles.


Pain is overall low, I usually ache the most the evening of PT but usually I am ok. Nights are fine too and I sleep well.


All in all, everything is heading the right direction and I can’t complain. Getting to 50% weight bearing was a huge milestone.






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