Step by step

10 weeks PO for my R hip (and by coincidence my 3 year surgery anniversary for my L hip). The never ending story.




This was my fourth week at physical therapy and I am seeing good and steady progress and I am very happy with my physical therapist. The exercises he gives me actually make sense and build on each other. There is a thought behind it and a system. Not random like the guy I had last year. He was an idiot.


My home exercise program still takes a solid hour every day and being physically at the PT lasts about 1.5 hours each time.

I did the same exercises as last time:

  • bridges on a big ball
  • hip flexion on the same ball
  • four different exercises with a 2 lbs. ankle weight on my op leg
  • pelvic rolls (good for the cores)
  • hamstring stretches
  • ROM exercises for the hip

and many other ones.


With internal rotation I gained 10 degrees and on external 15 degrees in just a week.





I tried one new exercise, the leg press.

I had to wait for quite a while because two old ladies worked out next to each other, one doing the leg press, the other the stationary bike or at least this is what they were “supposed” to do.

Reality was, they hung out on those machines and socialized, which was annoying. Either use the machine or move on and let others use it! Since the leg press was occupied by the golden girls, I did the leg extension twice.

Once they left I did 4 sets of 10/ 20 lbs. with both legs, felt fine.




I always like doing new exercises because that means I am progressing.


The last few days my “other” hip was cranky. This one also had hip surgery, three years ago for FAI & labral tear. The recovery was long but smooth (minus the stress fractures in both acetabulums) and it always is my darling hip.

My R hip likes to be a drama queen while the L is easy breezy. My PT was not happy to hear about it and we will keep an eye on it.

With two operated hips there is one thing for sure – never a dull moment in life again!





In two weeks I have my 12 week follow up with my OS. Till then I should try to gain another 10% body weight on the op hip/ leg and make it to 60%.

I will certainly try, but for now, I am in vacation mode. See ya!







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