The traveling hipster

11 weeks PO.

Back from vacation; it was soooo nice to get away for a while and I did not only come back refreshed but also stronger than I left.


We had to take two flights and United upgraded us to 1. class on the longer flight which was nice. To maneuver around at the airports, I had wheelchair assistance organized ahead of time. Out of three times it showed up two times, which did not make me happy.

Sitting in the airplane was fine, no problems with my op hip at all. Using the bathroom in 1. class was “interesting”. It was so tiny, I was completely safe to not fall.




In the resort I asked for a room for disabled people, which have handles in the shower, heightened toilet seats ect., the “good stuff” for people recovering from orthopedic surgery basicly. There was none. We were told “have your husband help you”. GREAT  advice, really!

There was nothing I could do about the toilet seat  BUT – I asked for a simple plastic chair, which I put in the shower instead of a shower bench. I still depend on my crutches and can not stand through a whole shower.

We had been at that hotel before and I remembered how slippery the shower was, so I brought two non slip rubber mats for the shower floor along. (One gets resourceful as an experienced hipster!)


The resort is as close to paradise as it can be but is also very wide spread and some distances were just too far for me to crutch, so we rented a wheel chair and had some fun with that.




Short distances I crutch/ walked and even they were not all that short. I took it slow and really tried to walk with good technique. Heel to toe and keeping a smooth, even gait.


The wheel chair also came in super handy in the main restaurant, since the floor was super slippery. A mixture of peoples sunlotion, humidity and grease from the kitchen on a slick marble floor.

I did that the first night on crutches and had my crutches give away on me several times already and never went back on crutches. If I can do  a slip & fall on hard snow and manage to break my hip, I don’t want to know what a slip & fall on marble floor can do. Thanks but no thanks.


Walking on the beach was at first challenging, especially on soft sand and crutch/ climbing a small hill to get down to the water, but once down at the sea, the sand was harder and it was easier to crutch.

I could not go far but still, to make it down there and have my feet in the water was wonderful.




For obvious reasons I did not go into the sea, but they had a gorgeous pool.




To get into or out of the pool was “interesting”, since I can only put 50% weight on my op hip/ leg and I can not transfer weight properly on the “let’s do stairs” mechanism yet, so the death grip on the hand rail, guiding in the pool, it was.

I had asked my PT before about the pool and had his blessing for trying out walking in it. “Unassisted” walking that is!! (The water went to my belly button and equaled 50% weight bearing.)




My very first try of walking on my op hip  EVER  since surgery was strange. VERY wobbly & weak, very slow and literally no balance but I managed about 20 yards/ meters. Over the next few days the balance improved and I was just left with being really slow. In the end I could walk 50 yards/ meters in 15 minutes.

I tried swimming also, the frog kick was okay but I figured, I benefit more from practicing how to walk again.


Since I want to continue making good progress, I continued my PT exercises every day. No slacking even on vacation!

One thing I could not figure out at all was why my op side foot was reddish, swollen and most of the time ice cold. Not sure what to make of this.





On our trip back home they sent me through a full body scanner at the airport. Now I know – my three screws in my hip do not set off the metal detector but they  DO  set off in the full body scanner.




On our flights back we were upgraded to 1. class again and my op hip did well but wheelchair assistance did not show up again. It was in the reservation, 5x confirmed and the agent had to call 7x for them to show up. I was the last one on the plane because of it.


I am happy to be back at home and very satisfied how everything played out. I crutch/ walked more last week than I usually do at home and pushed myself a bit. I am definitely stronger and have more endurance.


Now I dream of  last week and of course – good hips.




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