Reality bites

Vacation is over, back to reality and PT.

A few days ago I made an interesting observation. Since I am 50% weight bearing when crutch/ walking, I figured, I am also 50% weight bearing when just standing. I tried it during washing the dishes on one day and prepping dinner the next day – bad idea.

We are talking five minutes, ten tops. I can not stand with the feet close together (no balance), only well apart, but even that gets achy very quickly and both times it ended up with me feeling miserable in both hips. I guess the good hip chips in with sympathy pain….


I mentioned it at PT today and after doing my regular exercises, I worked on weight transfer.

First, shifting  VERY  slowly and gently from my L foot/ hip to my R foot/ op hip and back, while holding onto a counter.




And after that, transfer the weight from the good leg/ hip to the op leg/ hip, one small step forward and very carefully back, while holding on to a counter.

It went well but  v-e-r-y  slowly and after I was done with it, my quad muscles kept twitching away on their own. It looked like fireworks going off inside my thigh. My PT said it is because of fatigue. Yep, atrophy in all its glory.

Both exercises from now on 20x per day.


(One step forward, feet together and one back. Counts as “one”.)


The leg press was increased to 60 lbs. today, 40x, very manageable.


Since I will see my OS later this week for my 12 week follow up, I had to fill out a questionnaire about my progress, what I can do and what I can not do.

I really had to try not to laugh when I read questions like “can you run? Can you hop? Can you walk around two blocks? Can you squat?” Wishful thinking at this point.





My PT measured my strength, ROM and all different kind of angles, to give to my OS as a six week PT update. He will also request another prescription for PT.

  • ROM is still improving
  • Hip flexor – tight (what else is new?)
  • Strength is good
  • Angles are still getting better
  • most important task right now? Weight bearing, weight bearing, weight bearing.


Did I mention we are still getting medical bills for my ski accident/ hospital stay three months ago? So far it’s $ 38,000 which was fully covered by insurance. Go big or go home, right?





For now my whole focus is on the next appointment with my orthopedic surgeon. I would love to hear some news like “bone has started to form”.

My third month, full time on crutches – this is slowly getting old.




6 thoughts on “Reality bites

  1. Oh my! I have nothing to complain of at all. My best friend had one hip replacement done a couple of years ago. She is getting the other one this fall. I was thinking about all THAT pain. Mine was just a few days. You gals are admirable. I have to remember to do my stretches every day. Good luck to you.


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      1. Thanks but he is actually not mine. Just a google image that fit the context. But you are right, I am an upbeat person. You have to be, it makes recovery easier.

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