Living it up!

Week 13 post operative.


It’s my fifth day (at home) with one crutch. My op hip is on the R, so I am using the crutch on my opposite side.

On my first day I was strongly leaning towards the left when walking but the balance and gait is improving every day.

One thing that’s not getting old is, being able to actually carry something and getting some stuff done.


Technically we are having spring, but I guess mother nature did not get the memo. Nevertheless, we bundled up and went for a walk in the park. Crutches and all.




Since I was told to “push myself” a little bit, I chose a tree about 300 yards/ meters away as my goal.

The distance is not long for somebody healthy but while you are recovering, have not a whole lot of muscle mass to show, basically no endurance and are rocking your crutches, it is quite a distance. It took me a while to do it but it felt very satisfying and it was nice to be out in the fresh air.

My op hip felt okay afterwards, a bit achy but not too bad.


Going to PT was exciting as I was driving myself.




We practiced driving over the weekend. The sideways movement from the gas to the brakes pedal feels okay, the long and deep braking goes a bit in the hip.

I did a test drive and promptly ended up in a neighborhood I have never set foot in before. Oops.

For the moment I want to keep driving distances short, within the 10-15 minute range. I would not want to drive long distance yet.


Physical therapy is going well.

I did all of my exercises but was allowed to skip some and we replaced those with some upgraded ones, like doing “quarter squats” on the wall (see picture on the left and the targeted muscles on the right, below) or stepping on a low step.



The squats are going well, the stepping on the low box is hard as hell. The exercise is very mischiefing. The box is about 2 inches/ 5 cm high but geez – this thing sucks the life out of me!

It is such a small step and yet such a huge one.



I did 20x reps and towards the end my thigh was just shaking. It is pretty difficult to hold and transfer the weight, and keep the knee from giving out.


Overall I think, the recovery of the labrum tear in the hip, which I had the pleasure of doing twice, was faster in the beginning but afterwards slow and   t-e-d-i-o-u-s  but compared to this recovery, it was a walk in the park.

Recovering from a hip fracture is an entirely different animal. Post op pain is severe, crutches time is about triple as long but I hope now things will be picking up a bit.

I am making really good progress and feel very optimistic but it’s exercises like these when I think “geez, still looong ways to go”.




My walking ability on one crutch is pretty good but it’s at least another week on one crutch inside my home. Still on two crutches outdoors.

This is my 13th week on crutches but that’s ok. Rather do it right the first time than rushing it and risking a stress fracture or worse.

What cracks me up are medical articles, stating “the recovery takes 3 months”. I must be missing something.




Oh and guess what came in the mail!? Two more bills for my ski accident/ surgery. Another $ 5,500! (We are now at $ 44,000. I wonder how many more bills will come.)



For now I keep icing away. My op hip is not happy and I think it will be a fun night. My hip is ready to rumble.












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