Day 90 on crutches

Last weeks PT session with three new exercises, resulted in a rough night. I was really hurting and miserable and fell asleep at 5 am in the morning.




My op hip felt the size of a grapefruit, and ached deeply. It was aggravated and swollen. On a pain scale a solid 5/10. I had to take the whole next day off to let things calm down again.


Since a couple of days my L hip also is acting up. I guess the left has officially had it for taking the majority of the load for many months. Right now I have two aching hips, aching for different reasons. Good times.




I also had to set the record straight on what kind of surgery I had done. I overheard my PT talking to a collegue last week and was surprised to hear what my PT “thought” I had done.

When I told him the correct diagnoses and surgery technique, his response was “oh, you just had hip pinning done?” Said with a tone like “oh and I thought you had “real” surgery the whole time.” (What the….? Seriously!)


I am still convinced I am his first young hip pinning patient, and I am his personal guinea pig. He does give me good exercises and tries but sometimes he seems a bit clueless.

Oh well, I am sticking with him. It’s not like “other” PT’s will have a ton of experience with this. Again, young people usually don’t break their hip and old people often end up with a  THR  right away.

Leaves me – floating around in no man’s land.





I let him know about the payback last time too and he adjusted some exercises. We skipped the ankle weights but still kept the wooden box and squats going. The squats (only a 1/4 going down) are going well, the step up and step down on the wooden box I don’t know.

Some go well and at other steps I feel like either my hip or knee is about to collapse right under me. Weird.

Hopefully that gets stronger real soon, it’s an awful feeling if you don’t know if your leg will hold you or give in any second. (I’d be the type to reinjure myself  AT  the physical therapy office, I swear.)


What else is new?

  • I am still on two crutches outside my home but I am allowed on one crutch inside. Walking is getting better and a bit faster.
  • Stairs? Getting better but still only with two crutches.
  • My daily home PT exercises take me 1.5 hours
  • My crutch walking ability with 2 crutches is about 800 yards/ meters
  • I can bike on my stationary bike twice a day,  NO  resistance, casual pace for 13 minutes
  • Driving is okay within the 10-15 minutes range




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