Attempting to walk

I am in my 14th week post operative in this very slow recovery. Progress is steady but things do take their sweet time.




PT was “interesting” to say the least.

I told my PT that the exercise, when I step on and off a very low wooden box, scares me because especially at the step off, I feel like my hip, leg and knee at the op side can not hold it and I am afraid of falling. What’s the response to that from my therapist?? Goes away and comes back with a box  DOUBLE  as high!!

I tried it and could not do it. Surprise! I was stuck on top of the box, my feet were glued onto it and I was so scared of trying it, knowing I already can not hold it on the lower box,  I was on the verge of tears.

The box was exchanged for the lower one again and I struggled away. What was that good for??

If I say “I can not do it”,  I am not joking. I know what my hip is capable of doing and what not.


I learnt a new exercise as well, to strengthen the quads.






But the definite highlight was trying to walk unassisted- without crutches! I only walked a few feet forth and back, and that super slow.

It did not hurt but tired my hip out, fast! The gait is awful at the moment, very stiff, wobbly, unbalanced and I feel like Pinoccio making his first steps. (I also did not look half as chippy as him…)






The leg press was increased to 80 lbs. and that’s seriously enough now. I am not training for the Iron Man!

My list of home exercises is getting longer and longer and I am still on one crutch inside my home and on two outside. I am allowed “10 minutes per day” at home (which is  PLENTY) without crutches and should work on my endurance “standing” as well.


We are still waiting for spring to arrive. In the meantime I bundle up and go to the park with my husband as often as I can. I am already walking better and need less strength in the arms. Good stuff!





Till next time. 🙂




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