Less is more

PO week 15. Crutches status? Same – outdoors 2, indoors 1.

My first attempt of “10 minutes walking without crutches inside my home” was a success but very, very slow. It also resulted in “two” angry hips for the rest of the day. Splendid.


film x-ray human's pelvis and arthritis at both hip joint


The next day I tried again and it already went much better.


My PT was impressed with my progress just within three days but I still did not get the green light for going crutch free at home. He was very clear on that. I should practice good gait and balance during my dedicated 10 minutes freestyling, work on lateral movements as well, “a few” small and short tryouts without my crutch are ok but for 98% – still one crutch.


Next to selected old exercises I was told to walk “8’s”, 5x to the left and 5x to the right, around the tubes which was not that easy, without my crutch.




He checked my gait which was okay, considering, but needed some finetuning. I am very thankful for him checking it, because truthfully, this is my third hip surgery recovery and nobody ever checked my gait or balance before. Sucks.


We also want to focus more on exercises on my feet from now on, maybe even consider the treadmill and/ or the Elliptical soon.




I did two other new exercises, which were okay as long as I stood on my non op hip but very difficult, standing on my op hip/ leg, holding my entire bodyweight. My op hip was not a fan.

It takes a lot of strength to stand on the operated leg, there is a lot of pressure in my hip/ groin/ leg and it is quite exhausting.


The aftermath of my PT was seriously  NOT  pretty. My good hip felt like it’s ready to come through the tummy, and even after spending  HOURS  icing,  both were really angry. Another wasted night, when my hips kept me awake till 5 o’clock in the morning.


I personally feel, my PT should adjust my home exercises from now and then. He keeps piling them on and on. I am at 2 hours daily home exercises now and it is stressing my hips out.

I am sure one could skip a few old exercises and it’d be better to focus on other, more advanced ones, which include walking, standing and endurance. Every week I ask if there is any adjustment with the home exercises and every week the list gets longer.

”Less is more” in my opinion and especially in this recovery.

I don’t want to end up with a stress fracture from a fatigued bone on top of everything. After all, even without the recent surgery, both hips were already operated hips and I knew what they could do and what not. The amount of exercises right now is more than double what I did before the ski accident.

No wonder my usually super duper left hip is stressed out to the max.








9 thoughts on “Less is more

  1. It is so tiring doing so much daily physio, I’m literally in a cycle of working out them recovery myself. I try to do 10- 15 reps of things in the morning, then do chores, some more at the afternoon, rest them again early evening, rather than while block of exercise x keep going you are doing so well xx

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    1. It does get tiring and slowly this turns into a full time job. I knew fellow hipsters would “get it”. Thanks for your kind words.


  2. It sounds like you are really doing well! You might not see a big improvement but I am seeing it from when I last “talked” to you. I’m glad to hear it! I feel like I am about the same. Not any worse but maybe slightly better. Next appointment is next week and I am anxious to see the updated xray and hear what they have to say.

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  3. Remember if it was easy on the operated hip, it would not be part of your physio in the first place, it is hard for a reason, to get you stronger and it is supposed to take time. The fact you keep going and doing your exercises is great, I was told by one physio after surgery some people come back wonder why they made no progress turns out they never did the exercises or did but they hurt and they quit, so well done

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    1. I know what you mean but it is very easy to overdo it and my PT has the tendency to be pushy plus I am his first young hip pinning patient.
      I am fine with being a slow healer, as long as it is heading in the right direction.


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