18 weeks into the recovery

Yes, I am still at it.

Recently a lot of people acted very surprised to hear I am still using my crutches or I am still in physical therapy. Well – surprise!



I saw this T-shirt the other day, maybe I should get it. Hmm…


At 18 weeks PO I can:

  • crutch-walk around a pond which is a “good” half mile/ ~ 1000 meters
  • walk “without” crutches maybe 100 yards/ meters and then it is clearly enough
  • do stairs “Granny style”
  • walk without crutches “indoors” but for anything outside my home that requires more than 15 minutes of standing or walking – two crutches
  • drive a car again with nearby errands to run
  • stand longer at home (ironing, cooking etc.)
  • do about 4,000 steps per day
  • shower without a shower bench
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      Since this week I have my PT’s permission to do “small community stuff” like go in the post office, grab a coffee or get some groceries without crutches. I do not have the okay for going to the supermarket and do a full weeks grocery shopping without crutches yet. Basically quick “in & out” errands.

      I am still taking advantage of an online shopping service for getting my groceries. One orders online and picks it up curb side. Very convenient!


      PT is going well. I continue to improve strength and when my range of motion was measured, I had gained another five degrees on all movements in the last six weeks.

      My gait is also getting better. I am walking faster than two weeks ago and am keeping my upper body nice and straight. It still looks “robotic” though as my PT charmingly called it. My op side has good  ROM  but when I am walking it looks stiff and wooden.

      (This is who my walk reminds me of…)



      Since a little while I also have clicking going on in the front of the hip and in the back. It does not hurt so I don’t think it’s the labrum getting stuck, but some tendons snapping over the hip. I am not too concerned about it, I think it will settle with time again when everything thing is more balanced.


      In physical therapy we are working a lot on strengthening right now. Still doing the leg press, leg extension, hip machine, using the big ball for doing 2/3 squats along the wall and elastic bands for various exercises. (I really have to watch my PT closely, sometimes he tries to sneak extra weights on the machines without telling me and I can not do it.)

      Sideways stepping. (Burn baby burn!)


      Walking like an “ice scater”.

      Another exercise I am working on is trying higher steps. I am still doing my staircase at home “Granny style”, or “the hospital way” as my PT likes to call it but I am practicing  now a bit higher steps.


      I should  NOT  try my whole staircase with the new technique yet, it’s too early and too much for my hip still.


      So, that’s about it at this point, let’s finish with a laugh. I saw this picture the other day and thought, “hm, I guess my ski injury is so uncommon, it did not make the cut. Lucky me.”



      2 thoughts on “18 weeks into the recovery

      1. Hi Undine,
        Though you may feel your progress is slow — (the line I related to most was “a lot of people acted very surprised to hear I am still using my crutches or I am still in physical therapy.”) – youre doing great!
        Or better than me at least. Im just at 3 months post Op and though my hip/femur is progressing great, my long standing back problems are retarding my progress. My hope is that its just an extra month or so before I can walk with proper form again — rather than a long-term battle.
        As long as we get back to full health our time in the race isnt relevant.
        Id be interested to see a video of your “best” walking at your current progress.
        Always enjoy the updates. I sent a msg last week, not sure you got it.

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        1. Thanks Andy, progress is slow but steady for sure. Bummer to have back problems slowing down your progress. I do check my FB messenger regularly and also the message requests but did not see anything from you. I certainly would have answered. Try again, I can send you the video then.


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