20 weeks PO after hip pinning

Wow, 20 weeks already – so theoretically I am almost at half time till I can go skiing again! Yep, you read that right. I have full intentions on going on the slopes again. I loooove winter!

I am actually a really good skier, I do blues and blacks, have good balance and don’t fall. Well, except that one time but that was just an incredibly super freak accident. My surgeon said it will take one year to do sports again, so… something to look forward to.




All together I really must say, if there ever is something like “perfect timing” for a hip fracture, it’s probably in the winter. I was laying low for the last few months but now that spring has finally found its way here and I am learning to walk again, it’s perfect to do it outside when everything is blooming.





Last week was a little bit of everything, hip wise.

I was really aching in both hips after my first mini walk in the park without crutches, but had big improvements only three days later and no problems at all and eventually I made it around the whole pond without crutches. (Walking really slow and limping towards the end.)

PT was going well, so well in fact I thought I still can go grocery shopping afterwards.     BAD  IDEA! I moved around like a 95 year old afterwards. Aching in both hips quite a bit and a miserable night as a bonus. Ergo – lesson learnt. PT and grocery shopping on the same day is still a big no no at 5 months PO.


PT itself was fine. We worked on balance, some exercises were okay, others very challenging.


Walking on a medium soft beam.




Two different exercises on a wobbly board. Keeping balance while it tips forth and back and keeping balance while it moves left to right.



Otherwise the same exercises as last week, which are about 15. The leg press, hip extension machine, leg extension machine, exercises with the big ball, clams, bridges, squats, exercises with a resistance band around my ankles, treadmill and so on.

We are also still trying to make my muscles fire correctly. My glutes are still hanging out in lala – land and refuse to fire when needed.

My PT did said I am doing a great job though but I still need finetuning.


I also saw my OS for a follow up appointment. Three X-rays with different views were taken and everything looks good.


  • No  AVN  but we have to monitor it closely from now on
  • No malunion or nonunion
  • The three screws are still in position
  • Bone healing and remodeling is taking place
  • Bone fragments that were floating around are gone
  • Major atrophy is visible on my op side


He was happy with my progress and told me again, it was a major fracture and does take time to heal. I am within the timeline of the recovery and got another script for 6 weeks of PT for range of motion & strengthening.
I asked about my good hip being cranky and was told, it is normal and expected for the circumstances. My R is still not healed yet and my L (which is an operated hip as well) is working overtime since five months. Once everything is balanced, things will calm down again.

In the end I was sent on my merry way with the recommendation “push yourself a little bit but don’t overdo it.”


Summary of what I “can” do at this stage:

  • I am doing my household at about 80% of my usual self
  • 8,000 steps a day, spread out over the whole day
  • Stairs – still Granny style. (L foot up, R foot on the same step. Left foot up, R on the same step; going down – R foot down, L foot on the same step. Ect.)
  • TM 10 minutes slow walking, Elliptical 6 minutes slow walking, stationary bike 10 minutes, no resistance
  • An hour PT every day
  • 700 yards/ meters in the park, crutch free, several times a week


And here is a list of what I can not do yet:

  • walk long distance
  • do stairs properly
  • sports that is anything beyond PT
  • carry something medium heavy or heavy



Things are looking good and I am heading in the right direction.






5 thoughts on “20 weeks PO after hip pinning

  1. Hi Undine. Just came over since you commented on my blog. It sounds like you are doing all the right things and should be well enough to qualify for the Olympic downhill in 2020!

    Many of those exercises are the ones my personal trainer has me doing. I hate him.

    What’s going on with all the hip surgeries? Was this from skiing or an accidents? If you’ve already written about this just give me the link in the comments.

    Sorry you have had to endure this. I felt like a wimp before I read all this, now it’s beyond all hope.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I certainly feel like I am getting ready for the Olympics!
      A few weeks ago I had to do 2.5 hours of home exercises every day, now it’s down to an hour because I am not dependent on my crutches anymore and am more mobile.

      The other two hip surgeries were for FAI and labral tears.
      My femoral head had to be shaved down and reshaped, the torn labrum had to be reattached with anchors and in between surgery No. 1 and surgery No. 2 I managed to fracture both acetabulums which went undiagnosed for four months.
      It also extended my crutches time from 3 weeks to 4.5 months.
      Hips are fun. Never a dull moment.

      It’s okay. I appreciate your sympathy. If I can do it, so can you.
      Go with the flow, give your body the appropriate time to heal, don’t compare your recovery with others (everybody is different and heals at a different rate) and keep a good attitude.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Thank you for the good advice. I think I will be fine too as long as I exhibit patience. I chose the summer so I could walk outside more conveniently. I have been told I have excellent will power….we’ll see. Keep up the good work, you’re becoming a expert at hip rehab, a role you probably don’t relish having. ha ha.

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    2. Sorry, forgot, this hip surgery was because of a ski accident (see the very first post in my blog “a new years to remember”, the other two were just because my hips were formed this way.)


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