Comments over the years…

I’d like to share some lovely comments and “great advice” I got over the years;  as a young person, having hip issues/ – surgery and/ or – recovery. I am sure some of my fellow hipsters can relate…

  • “Are you sure you are having hip problems? You “look” okay.”
  • “Why are you having hip ache today? You didn’t have any yesterday.”
  • “Why don’t you just suck it up and skip surgery?”
  • “Arthroscopic surgery is not real surgery.”
  • “Unless you are not being picked up by an ambulance – it’s not real surgery.”


  • “What did you get your hip problems from?? Too much bull riding?”
  • “Why don’t you just ignore the pain?”
  • “There is no such thing as atrophy.”
  • “Why don’t you just move on?”
  • “It’s all in your head.”
  • “Shouldn’t you be done with rehab by now??”
  • “Aren’t you too young to have hip surgery?”
  • Also, recovering from a “hip fracture”  IS  different than recovering from “knee replacement”. No matter how many senior citizens feel the need to tell me otherwise.

And of course who can forget all those comparisons that start with “my Grandmother got her  THR  when she was soandso old and her recovery…….” ? Don’t want to sound mean, but one can not compare a lady in her 80’s, who got a  “THR” with somebody half her age, getting “hip pinning”.

Two complete different age groups, different activity & health levels, different surgeries and therefore different recoveries. So –  all those stories about “my Granny’s  THR…..”-  not helpful.

Another really  GREAT  advice I heard, regarding hip pain, was “you just have to hydrate more”. (That I didn’t think of this myself!)


I am not sure which one was the “best/ worst”  comment but one of the most bizarre ones I ever got was… ( get ready for this!)  a friend of mine had pain from….  “earwax” and said, quote: “he does not wish that kind of pain upon anybody”. (I hope he never has to face worse in his life than dealing with “earwax”. For God’s sake.)


Anyways, just wanted to share some goodies. If you have some smart comments that you came across, feel free to write me. I always enjoy a good laugh.


7 thoughts on “Comments over the years…

  1. “You’re too young for surgery.”

    “How’s your back?” “How’s your knee?” People always forget what body part is injured, which annoys me because I’ve told the story a million times. Smh.

    “You’re not temporarily crippled.” This was said in response to me saying nobody gets what it’s like to be temporarily crippled but looking normal and attempting to work without any family or friends aiding you. My right hip is rehabilitating and my left hip is digressing(mri results the 19th). I wanted to smack the girl that said that.

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    1. Oh yeah, the constant questions about how my “knee replacement” …My knees are fine. It’s the hip, for the 350th time.

      I also totally get your thoughts about that nobody gets it.
      They really don’t.

      If you have a scar to show – great, cast?- yep, crutches? You get sympathy for them but if you have none if those, it’s something invisible to others and since they can’t see it, it does not count.
      I hear you. Hang in there. 😘

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      1. It’s almost like Multiple Sclerosis. Can’t see it. Doesn’t exist. People*sigh*

        Thanks for hearing me! I hear you too. Did your knees ever give you trouble during recovery? Mine have but I’m hoping it’ll pass.

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      2. Yes. Having a hip injury is like having an invisible illness almost. You know it’s there even though nobody else can see it.
        My knees were fine for the most parts.

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    1. And other body parts.
      I seriously had somebody tell me, that I don’t know how painful it is to break your little toe.
      This came after he asked why I was on crutches and I told him I broke my hip.

      (I had my little toe broken several times over the years, btw. That is a gentle morning breeze in comparison.)


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