~ Being grateful ~

Today is Thanksgiving. After Christmas my second favourite holiday to celebrate. This year I am especially thankful since life threw me quite a curveball in 2018.




  • I am grateful for my husband who is always by my side, supports and encourages me. We both did not see hip surgery No. 3 coming but he is a trooper and I am incredibly lucky to have him by my side when hardly anybody else is. ❤️

When you go through rough times, you find out very quickly who is your true friend and who cares for you. I hate to say it, but none of my so called friends passed the test. (Practical – less Christmas cards to write!)


  • Looking back to that dreadful day when I had my ski accident, December 31st 2017, I am  MORE  than grateful,  it happened at a place that had a medical facility to take care of me and the doctor on call was an orthopedic surgeon specialized in hip trauma. Gotta luck out at some point…

This surgery requires skill and I would hate to be under the knife of a surgeon who is not an expert in this.

  • Another thing I am thankful for is health insurance. It covered the whole mess of a whooping $ 50,000.


Most of all I am beyond grateful for my health, being pain free again and having, for the most part,  my life back.

It was a super tough and brutal recovery and I worked my butt off in PT but persistance, together with patience paid off. I don’t take things like “I can walk”, “I can do stairs” or something as simple as “I can put my own socks on” for granted.

Things could have gone wrong many times but I had a lucky star guiding me and was fortunate enough to have a smooth recovery. The lesson is, you are nothing without your health.




Happy Thanksgiving you all!



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