11 month PO update





Made it to 11 months PO.

I am doing really, really good and I am almost certain there was just recently a big push in my recovery.

I am pretty much painfree most days; some aches here and there but no more pain. If I would not know I had a complete hip fracture and what I all went through this year, I would not know the difference to before, which is awesome.


Still doing my daily workouts, now it’s not  PT  anymore but more maintenance and finetuning. It is slow but steady process. Considering this was my third hip surgery, I am happy with what I can do.

At 11 months I can do:

  • Elliptical 2x a week, 12 minutes/ level 1 – 3 minutes/ level 2
  • stationary bike 2x a week, 15 minutes/ level 1
  • Treadmill 2x a week, 22 minutes medium fast walking, NO incline


And I average about 10,000 steps a day, so I am pretty happy with that.

I am still working on endurance and strengthening though but this will take more time, probably another year, so I just will keep doing what I am doing and give it more time.


What’s still lacking are sports. Haven’t played tennis in a while due to an early start of winter. I guess indoor season has started.

Tennis is still limited to mini tennis and some easy groundstrokes. Rotation, sprinting, change of direction, sideways moves – all not my friends yet. Hopefully that gets better with time.


I am still trying to get as many walks in as possible. Even the cold does not stop me from going for a walk at 5 F/ – 15 C.

It was cold yes, but I did not feel my screws in the hip more than any other day. Most of the times I don’t feel them at all, just sometimes.





I was hoping to be able to ride a real bike outdoors again by now but it did not happen, has to wait till next year. Takes still too much resistance and strength for my op hip.

And then there is skiing…. haven’t tried that yet, for obvious reasons, but with all the new snow on the ground I am sure itching for it. Maybe in January if things go well, fingers crossed.




Last month we went on a  BIG  trip too. It was physically quite demanding, alone the 15 hour flying time was not peanuts but my hip(s) did just fine. I did lots of walking every day, climbed very high steps, walked on very uneven ground (always a favourite for hipsters…) and even rode a camel, which took a lot of balance.

I can not say I felt like a natural on it but if somebody would have told me half a year ago I would be sitting on a camel, I would have thought it’s a joke.

I kept up the whole vacation and truthfully, it was like any other sightseeing vacation PRE  hip fracture.


Overall I really get the feeling pieces are slowly falling into place. Every month I add more pieces to the puzzle.









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