Making big plans

The other day I had a medical appointment. The tech saw me and said “has it really been a year already?? So, tell me – how was the last year for you?” (Right….)

I told her about my hip fracture, since this had priority No. 1 and took up the majority of 2018.

Of course she did not expect that and told me “isn’t a subcapital fracture usually an old persons injury?” It is. (Only I manage doing this at 44, I swear, and it always makes me feel real special – every single time I hear it.)

She also asked if I have any plans for New Years eve. My answer was simple. “Yes, stay out of the OR.” (My accident happenend on 12/31/2017 and while other people looked at fireworks, I woke up from anesthesia.)


Today is my birthday. Got a super present already. A smooth recovery without complications. Best gift in the world!




Since it’s holiday season I decided to bake some cookies. I only did about a third of what I usually do and stood in the kitchen for two afternoons.

Now it’s six days later and I am still paying the price for it with a very achey hip. Sucks. Till things have not calmed down, I can not work out. This would aggravate it even more. Lesson learnt, my hip does not like to bake cookies.


On a bright note, we booked a vacation for next month. Going skiing again, even at the same place as last year. Yoo-hoo!!

Some people call it “stupid”, to go back on skies; others call me “gutsy”. I call it “making a comeback”.




I will be 13 months PO by then and my OS said it’s okay after 12 months to give it a gentle go.

That’s all I want, being out there, smelling the cold air and cruising down some fresh powder. All this PT must be paying off for sure.

I do not expect to ski the same, first time out since it happened, strength and endurance still need more love, but I hope it will be good enough for a few runs. Nice and easy.

And this time I make double sure to wear the bumper hockey shorts!!






4 thoughts on “Making big plans

  1. Hi Undine,
    Congrats on making it to (almost) one year!
    I have a question about healing time. You have continually said that you are a “slow healer”. How long did it take your bone to heal? I am 5 months PO and although I have been walking unassisted for almost a month and have recently started riding a bike outdoors (upright urban bike share bike, so no bike clips or anything) my bone still has not healed. My doc is going to wait another month, but if there is no change by then, I may have to get a THR. He said if it doesn’t heal, the screws will eventually break, so it’s sort of a race against time. Did you have this issue, and how long before your bone healed enough to not see the fracture line on the x-ray?

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    1. Hello Karen,

      I am sorry to hear first of all you broke your hip too. What kind of fracture did you have?

      You are actually doing pretty good, walking unassisted since PO month 4 and riding a bike again at PO month 5.
      I just got off crutches at that time and riding a bike is something I could only dream of. It’s still not happening for me, even at PO month 11, that said – I had two hip surgeries before though, so my hips just are never the same again.

      I looked back at my old blog posts.
      At PO month 3 one could still see the fracture line. I don’t think I had an X-ray taken after that so I can not say for sure but I would guess between 3-6 months PO.

      I am always on the slower side healing but I always heal. And with this kind of injury, being slow is not a bad thing (in the sense of not going for too much/ too soon).


  2. Thanks for the note. I had a similar fracture to yours – broke my femoral neck, displaced, when I tripped on the sidewalk in July. My dexa from earlier in the year showed that I have osteopenia bordering on osteoporosis, so that may be what is inhibiting the healing. Interesting that you never had an x-ray after 3 months. You must have had enough healing by then for them to not need it. My 3-month x-ray was bad enough that they gave me a CT scan (to see if I could start weight bearing, since it was still dicey at that point; I did start partial weight bearing then). The 4-month and 5-month x-rays showed no change. At 6 months, I will get an x-ray and CT scan again, so they can decide what to do. I was hoping to ski (gently) in March (8 months PO), but that is not looking likely at this point. Glad you’re doing well – take some runs for me!

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    1. I have been a hip surgery patient of my OS twice before.
      He knows the way I heal and he said, I should follow instructions of my PT. In case I have problems, I should get back to him.

      I hope your next images will show positive results for you. Fingers crossed.


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