Flares are not pretty

11.5 months PO from R hip pinning


How is my flare from baking Christmas cookies? Alive and well. Much to my disliking. This is the third week by now and I am not amused.




Workouts have come to a complete stillstand, I am just doing my daily tasks and even they will backfire and make for “fun” evenings and interesting nights.

Last week I had three days on which my hip felt like a 5/10 which is a bit much for my taste, at this stage of the recovery. Lots of deep butt ache, deep groin ache, boney pressure and hip muscles in crazy spasms. The whole right side, hip and generous sized neighborhood is just tired and consistantly in a dull ache.


I am a bit at loss for words with this flare and don’t know what to think.

It certainly is not my first in my hip surgery/ recovery journey. During the first two recoveries it was a steady rollercoaster of flairs, setbacks and speedbumps on the road. I had a few smaller ones in the current recovery as well but nothing of this magnitude.

I will watch it for a few more days otherwise I will go and see my orthopedic surgeon and get his input on it. It better just be a nasty flare.





4 thoughts on “Flares are not pretty

  1. You’re welcome! I meant to put that comment on your latest post “Back on skis after hip fracture!” but I guess I hit the wrong comment button. I am collecting other people’s inspiring rehab/fitness stories on my blog (https://bionicoldguy.home.blog/) and just added a summary of your inspiring story there.
    And thanks for giving me the idea of using fun pictures, lots of them, as you do in your posts

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