Persistance is my middle name

1 year/ 1,5 months PO


Last week I tried 17 minutes/ level 1 on the Elliptical, treadmill and the stationary bike; was okay, which makes me hopefull for 18 minutes soon.

My goal for the moment is to reach 20 minutes consistently and then I will try to add minutes on level 2. To reach “20 minutes on level 2” would be the ultimate for me, considering where I am coming from.


Another goal of mine is to sit on a real bike again. Outdoors, for real, not in the gym. Wasn’t able to do that since 2013. Hopefully once I have reached my “20 minutes/ level 2” goal.

It’s probably not happening this year, but there is always 2020.




One thing I seem to not be able to get rid of is hamstring ache though. Every single night, like clockwork – five minutes on the couch – deep butt ache here we go.




I stretch, I work out, I mix up my exercises but the hamstring pain stays. If anybody has a suggestion on how to improve it or even get rid of it, I’d really appreciate it. 💝


Otherwise I am doing well. It’s going slow but steady with my hip and I have not much to complain about. Pain level on an average day is really low, some aching here and there but very doable.

Honestly, my focus is now more on my frozen shoulder which is a whole different story and a thing of beauty by itself.  It’s not fun but compared to chronic hip pain and recovering from three different surgeries, this is quite doable.

At least it’s not a major weight bearing joint; I am mobil and not on crutches.




Amazing, how one can adapt and adjust, really.  I guess after years of dealing with pain, my pain tolerance has risen. Not sure if this is a good or bad thing.

Anyways, what would life be without some orthopedic fun? As long as my sarcasmn is alive and well, I can deal with it.




9 thoughts on “Persistance is my middle name

  1. Do you think the hamstring ache could be piriformis syndrome? Your piriformis muscle can pinch the sciatic nerve which can reverve pain down the back of the leg. I get that sometimes, and it responds well to stretches, which you can get for your PT or by googling “piriformis stretches”.

    Good luck getting back on on a real bike. I’m stuck inside on the stationery bike because I’m mending a broken collarbone. I look forward to getting outside on a bike again too

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    1. I don’t think it is piriformis syndrome. It does not go down the back of the leg, it just is deep butt ache and I stretch regularly and that spot is not impressed by it.

      Broken collarbone? Yikes. I wish you well with that. How did that happen?


      1. ironically enough, on a bike ride outside 🙂 However it was a freak accident caused by equipment malfunction- my cleat came loose from my pedal in a turn and caused my foot to drag on the ground. I’m getting to old for clip-in pedals anyway, when I’m better I’ll switch to good old big platform pedals


  2. I started doing yoga about 18 months aglo for my lower back and I have to say, it really works. I follow a couple of different instructors online and do anywhere from 15 to 50 minutes each day and now I rarely miss a day. It’s mostly strengthening and stretching but love it!

    Many thanks for stopping by my Travel and Photography blog.

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