Going strong

14 months PO




In general I am doing really well and on an average day I am pretty much pain free. I am still doing my hip friendly workouts 6x/ week and will now try for 19 minutes on the TM, Elliptical and bike/ level 1.


Last week we were out of town and the hotel we stayed at had a gym. I tried all three machines but did not like them. I could set the level and time but not the speed on any of them and had to kind of guess how fast to go.

With the stationary bike I obviously went too fast because my op hip was really aching at night. So, even at 14 months PO, I still have to watch it to not go too fast or too long.


I also still have my high hamstring aches at night, but I will see my OS next week, maybe he has something smart to say about it.

I have now reached the point where my hip often is not even on my mind anymore. I am really more busy with my shoulder.

If any of you have a frozen shoulder – hop on over to http://www.frozen-shoulder.blog and come along for the ride.




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