15 months PO update after complete hip fracture

Another month under the belt and slowly the whole hip story becomes a faint memory. Thank goodness.




I am doing really good and I have finally reached my goal of 20 minutes on the Elliptical, TM (walking) and the stationary bike, all level 1. Big yay.

I tried 18 minutes level 1 & adding 2 minutes “level 2” on the Elliptical. My hip did not approve of it and is pissed ever since, BIG time. What’s another flare in my never ending hip career?

So at the moment I am laying low till this has passed but it’s just a matter of time. I always bounce back.




I also would love to get rid of the deep butt ache that I have every day… my loyal companion. In two weeks I am seeing my OS again, I guess I’ll ask him.

I am back at PT for my frozen shoulder (see http://www.frozen-shoulder.blog) and asked my PT about my butt ache. He said it can have several causes, it would not hurt to investigate a bit further, just to be sure and yes, it most definitely also can come from the hip.

That better not be the case.


Spring is around the corner and I am itching to go in my backyard. Last year there was NO outdoors anything for me, since I was January, February, March, April and May on crutches. No winter and no spring for me but  2019  is looking already brighter.




I’d also really love to ride a bike outdoors this summer. I settle for “once through the park”. Last time was three hip surgeries and two stress fractures in my pelvis ago, in the summer of 2013. Before hips took over.

Seems like another lifetime to me.





13 thoughts on “15 months PO update after complete hip fracture

  1. I really missed my garden last year too, but I still needed a walking frame just to get out of bed and into the bathroom. My walking is still very slow (and painfully clicky due to the screws) and so continence pants are my friend – just in case I can’t get there in time.

    I am actually able to kneel down with some help now, so perhaps I’ll be able to start planting things again. I grow a lot of my plants for reasons of making pickles and preserves, and last year I couldn’t have done anything even if my husband had planted and harvested things himself.

    I’m so glad you’re making such fantastic progress!

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  2. Dear Undine:

    I am so happy for you to ski again in 13 months. You are my hero!

    I am an advanced skier and has been skiing continuously for 15 seasons. I ski on and off groomed trails.

    During my ski trip to Lake Louise on March 13, 2019 I took the day off to ice skating, I am not as good ice skating as skiing and only occasionally ice skating. The main reason I ice skating is because I want to improve my balance to be a better skier. I used to wear figure skates but Canadian only rent out hockey skates. 10 minutes later I fell on ice sitting on my left butt. I thought it was muscle pull or hip reflexes, but March 14 it did not get better. So I took an X-ray on March 15 the X-ray showed no problem and the doctor suggested follow up examine. I flew back to my home Connecticut on March 16 (I did not go to Emergency room as my pain was not bad), made an appointment on March 20 for another X-ray. On March 20 X-ray show femur neck fracture and I received emergent surgery and got three pins as you did.

    I have been very down, worrying about necrosis of my femur head due to my delay of one week of the surgery. Your surgery was the same day.

    I saw your blog and want to connect. I am a 54 year old Asian woman in otherwise good health and shape. I have a full time job but skiing is my passion and my identity.

    Thank you so much for listening!

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    1. Hello,

      first of all, I am sorry you had to join the club of “young adults with a hip fracture” too. Not fun.

      Of course it would have been better to have the pinning done sooner, I am not a doctor but I would assume your risk of getting AVN has now increased. That said, I would not drive myself crazy over it.
      Every patient is different. It is not a guarantee you are getting it.
      It also very much depends what kind of fracture you had. A complete fracture has higher risk of getting AVN than a stress fracture or an incomplete fracture, so it all depends.

      The best you can do is respect the protocol your OS gave you, stay on crutches as long as you are told, do your PT and be patient and have your hip injury closely monitored.

      This will be a long road but if you do it step by step, you can do it.

      You can contact me over E-mail via the contact option if you wish.

      I wish you well. This is not an easy injury to come back from but if all goes well, you will get your life back eventually. Now it’s a waiting game.

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      1. Thank you so much Undine for your reply, your knowledge and experience! I am waiting to seem OS now the very first time and will have more information of my fracture on my operation day and yesterday. Will update later today. Pray …

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      2. I just saw OS, he said I had a slight displaced femur hip when he operated upon after 7.5 days of my fall (March 21, 2019). The X-ray at 11 days (April 1, 2019) after the pinning procedure showed good alignment of bones.

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  3. Hello my name is Mario!
    I’m a sports coach in Mexico!
    I was reading your story, and it is really motivating the fact that you do not give up and keep going, it is good that you measure your progress and that you do not decay no matter how slow it may seem.
    Regarding your pain in the lower part of your gluteus, I think it could be partly pain caused by the sciatic nerve, but the cause of the pain is not directly in the gluteus, I think it can be originated in the lumbar quadratus muscle, it’s just a theory
    Look, I did a program for a while that worked for me as a treatment for my pain, and then it served me as a prevention of a later injury, you may be interested, I will look for the link for you.
    Continue with your motivation and performance and I hope you recover completely very soon.

    P.S. This is the link

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  4. Dear Undine:
    I read your blog about 15 months PO again. I did a bit research. Groin pain is an alert, butt pain is not so much.

    Again, my admiration to you!

    Helena (Haiquin)

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    1. Thanks, that’s nice of you to make research but I have to respectfully disagree.

      I am not saying I have butt pain because of hip pain right now with this recovery and scenario but I had two hip surgeries before and had LOTS of butt pain before and after surgery, coming from the torn and then fixed labrum.

      Butt pain is pretty common among hipsters. Not everybody experiences it, since everybody is different.
      You can have five hip patients with the same injury, they will have some symptoms in common, others vary.
      The hip is actually quite interesting once you spend more time studying it.

      Hang in there.

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      1. Dear Undine:

        Thank you for your knowledge! I am very narrowly focusing on pinning hip surgery, for which groin pain is an alert. I have not studied about hip labral tear. I am sorry you have to go through both conditions.

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