Flares are not cool.

I am almost 15,5 months PO now and still not done with my latest flare. Not sure what exactly it was that my op hip did not like, but this is week 4 of whatever it is going on.

My R hip likes to be a drama queen for absolutly no reason.




My usual walks in the park? My hip is not a fan. Sitting for too long? Forget it. Working out my precious 20 minutes? In my dreams. I am back at 10 minutes MAX, on a good day, then my hip has had enough.

Not sure what majesty does not approve of and just to make it extra worth it, my other hip is chipping in too. Sympathy pain – never a dull moment.

I lost track flare number what this is. Sure feels like “cut 98”.




The other day I looked something up in my first hip blog (this is my third and hopefully “three times is the charm”) and I could  NOT  believe what I read!! At 5 months PO after hip arthroscopy for labrum tear I rode the stationary bike on level 5.  F-I-V-E!!

Level five is something of a different universe for me. I’d be thrilled to pieces to manage level 2 at this point. Eventually I will get to the next level and I will be very happy there but again, five??



I think next week I will fix up my bike again. I have no idea if my hip is ready for it, probably not (next flare, here I come) but I’d sooo love to go for a quick bike ride on flat ground in the park.

And since I am at making plans, I’d also love to do a 5 k walk this year. Hopefully there is some event going on that fits in my schedule. I would not walk it with “making time” on my mind; for me, it’d be a victory to do it. Just walking 5 k on my time.


Last year this time I was 3 months PO and just allowed to put 50% weight on my hip/ leg, not great memories. This year is flying by much faster, is much more fun I must say. Even with the stupid flare. I take a flare over crutches any day.




9 thoughts on “Flares are not cool.

  1. Dear Undine:

    I hope the flare is occasional and it asks you to slow down your PT and excercise?

    I am now 2.5 week PO after the left hip pinning surgery. My OS prescribed the same in terms of weight bearing and PT, so I feel it gets easier and no longer discount the amount of work my PT assigned to me.

    Brave girl! You are always in my thoughts

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    1. Flares come and go.
      They tend to happen more often in the beginning of the recovery because your hip is very fragile and super sensitive but they can happen at any time in your recovery and they vary in length. Some take days, others weeks.

      Of course one is supposed to adjust during that time but by not doing anything at all, the hip also can be unhappy.
      Unhappy if it’s too much, unhappy if it’s too little. The famous golden middle. Tough already without a flare, even tougher with a flare.

      Keep up your PT. It will pay off.

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      1. I agree! Golden middle rules! Doing too little feels very stiff while doing too much flares up. We need to adjust our PT accordingly.

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  2. Thinking of you during this flare. I’m unsure what a flare is yet as this is all new to me – I really hope this gets easier for you soon. I’m doing a charity 5km walk for suicide awareness on the 11th May. Normally this would be something I’d do in my sleep but now it’s like I’m going on this amazingly long journey. (I’m bringing a crutch with me). I hope you get to do your walk soon & I hope to read all about it here 💕

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    1. Thanks dear.

      A flare happens when you either do too much with your hip and it gets stressed out and “stays” stressed out till it feels like it’s done, or it happens for no good reason at all.
      It really can happen at any point in a hip surgery recovery and flares suck.
      Eventually everybody gets one, sorry to say.

      You are going on a 5 k walk already? That’s excellent!! Very proud of you. Do it slow but steady.



  3. I don’t know what’s going on with my hip at the moment either! It feels as though the thigh muscle has seized up, or something, and it’s quite painful to walk, I’m having to remind myself to place my left foot flat on the floor whilst walking, rather than put all that weight on the ball of my foot – just to stretch the muscle.

    We know the hip has fully mended, as I felt it sensible to get it x-rayed after another seizure-induced fall, but I’m seeing my consultant in a week or two so will be mentioning it if the muscle hasn’t gone back to normal.

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    1. Could it be your hip flexor?
      If that gets tight it is a real pain in the butt. I had that problem after my second hip arthroscopy surgery very extreme.
      Ask your physio person to check for hip flexor.

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      1. The hip flexor, also called psoas muscle is really important for lifting your leg but is very underrated. If this guy is off it can give you hell. Mine was tight for a year, it was awful. Read up about “psoas”.


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