Back in the OS office




Little update about my flare/ butt ache.

I saw my OS for my shoulder and once that was taken care off, he asked about my hip. (Practical…one stop shop!)




I told him, in general my op hip is fine but since about four weeks it gets stressed out super easily, I had to cut my workouts in half, have to walk slower and just do less of everything.


The only thing I can think of that I changed in the last month was going from “20 minutes/ level 1” on the Elliptical to “18 minutes/ level 1” and “add 2 minutes/ level 2″, which I thought was quite reasonable. I know my hip is very sensitive to change, so I wanted to introduce the next level very gently, to not stress it out too much.

The same evening my hip was really angry, it felt like an alien, trying to come out. Deep hip pain, lots of pressure in there, about 5/10. It got slightly better the next day but the hip never has been the same since then. Things that I did before that were just fine, will now set it off.


                                                   I am not amused.



I told my OS about it and he said, there is no magical timeline aka “at PO month xy you are supposed to do this or that.” Everybody heals at a different pace.

That said, 20 minutes on the lowest level on the Elliptical/ bike or stationary bike do seem a bit on the slow side to him, being that far out. He also said, that he knows I am a slow healer though where he usually counts in “weeks” with patients recovery, he knows he has to count in “months and years” with me.




For the moment I am supposed to take 2 Ibuprofen twice a day for a week. Hopefully this will get the inflammation down.

If I still have problems in a few weeks, then we’ll do an MRI with “metal supression technique” because of my three lovely pins in my hip. If we did a normal MRI, the metal would distort the picture and the radiologist would not be able to see the hip as well.

What he would be looking for is AVN, which would be super uncool. But that would be the worst case scenario.




I also asked him about my daily butt pain. His theory is, since I am still unbalanced, front to back and right hip versus left hip, it’s most likely hamstrings. Tight hip flexor in the front means pissy hamstrings in the back. It’s all connected. If one thing is off, it will effect other things as well, like a domino effect.


So I guess for the moment I keep snacking on Ibuprofen, give my hip some extra love and wait for this to pass. I’ll keep my fingers crossed.






7 thoughts on “Back in the OS office

  1. Dear Undine:
    I hope you can control inflammation and will get rid of the flare! You had the surgery immediately after the fracture, the blood supply has never been cut, so it is unlikely you have AVN. The opposites are said for me, I am now exactly three weeks PO. … I am following PT (kicking, marching, and side stepping with 2 lb weight on my operated leg), I don’t have pain but don’t know my future and decide to take a day at a time.

    My love and my thoughts are with you!


    1. I hope so too.

      I have to correct you on your statement, when you said “the blood supply has never been cut because I had immediate surgery.”

      There is never a guarantee and AVN develops over months.
      If the blood supply was damaged to the femoral head is was of microscopic scale.

      I talked it over with my OS at my first follow up appointment after surgery.
      Early on it can not be seen on Xray, only on MRI. That’s why one monitors the recovery very closely.
      Immediate surgery lessens the chance of getting it but is not a guarantee to “not” get it.
      I just keep my fingers crossed it’s just a flare.

      Good luck with your PT. Sounds like you have a pretty aggressive protocol.

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      1. You said it more accurately! The sooner the surgery, the lower the chance to get AVN. But nothing is guaranteed.

        My PT protocol sounds very aggressive at first, because I was allowed 50% weight bearing 5+ hours after the surgery, a PT and a OT dragged me down from bed to the walker 5 hours after the surgery, they escorted me to bathroom. Ever since, I am walking around the inside my room using the Walker from bed to bathroom. From the 2nd day on PO, the PT trained me kicking (extending my leg), marching (lifting my leg) and side stepping (moving leg sideway) whiling sitting on a chair. So it is not that as aggressive as the terms she used.

        I am so grateful you wrote the blog so well and precisely and I can talk to you.

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      2. Sorry to jump in, has your OS said how long they will monitor you for AVN? Mine said 2 years, I asked if there is nothing on the X-ray at this stage (one year) how likely is it it will happen and they said not likely. I’ve only had X-rays though, no MRI.

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      3. No need to apologize, this is what the blog is there for. To find information and ask questions. 🙂

        My OS has not directly said for how long thy will monitor it.

        He makes it dependent on my pain level. If I am doing good and there are no issues, I don’t need to see him. Best case scenario.

        If I have problems, things are getting worse or there is constant pain, then I will see him and we will investigate further.

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  2. Thanks for your regular posts, they are really interesting and inspiring. I am having the pain under the bum cheek too, the physio didn’t seem too bothered but ugh it gets on my nerves some days. I think I am still out of whack, I suppose it will take time to balance everything out again. Do you get pain around the scar tissue? Sometimes I get a pulling feeling, not sure if it’s some kind of healing going on or if it’s the metalwork causing pain. Anyway, thanks again for your blog! Best wishes. 🙂

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    1. Hello again,

      thanks for the kind words. I am glad my blog is helping you and people still read it.

      Sorry about the bum cheeks pain. That’s the literal “pain in the butt” and very annoying, right?

      Congrats for making it to 1 year PO.

      Sometimes I get an ache around the scars, yes, sometimes my IT band is aching too. I think it’s more muscular since they put the pins through there than the screws themselves. For me that is.

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