Still rocking the flare.

Week 6 of my hip, throwing hissy fits for no reason.

I really tuned things down, no exercises right now, which I really miss, and only doing my normal days. Nothing strenuous, no “pushing it”, not even normal PT specific and hip friendly exercises, for god’s sake.

R hip still does not like it. It likes it so little that the L hip is now more often than not unhappy too and this is far from cool – dealing with two cranky hips. I thought I did that already and was done with it.




Of course my great plan of “let’s get the bike ready and go for a quick ride in the park” did not happen either. I honestly thought this “whatever it is” would blow over within a couple if weeks, but I guess not.


In two days I will see my OS.

I don’t want to know what’s going on because the whole hip circus is getting old, but I need to know. Small but important difference. My hip journey is now 6 years in the making and I deserve a break.

Let’s see what the expert says and we go from there. Fingers crossed for good news.




4 thoughts on “Still rocking the flare.

    1. That’s a tricky question to answer.

      In a normal case scenario, when the person is healthy, not injured or recovering from an injury, I’d say it takes a few days.

      If the person is recovering from an injury/ surgery, it will take a bit longer. Also depends on the injury, what exercises were done and where you are at in your recovery.

      Generally speaking, soft tissue issues are not easy to deal with. They can take a long time to recover from and are not only difficult to treat but also difficult for the patient because they really can cause aches or even pain.


  1. Thank you so much for your knowledge, blog and response!!!

    I think I did some “kicking” in my operated leg in PT, maybe more than I should do, and my outside of its knee has been aching for 5 days …

    I am guessing your flare could be due to some soft tissue issues …

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    1. I do not recommend kicking at 6 weeks PO. It’s just not a good idea.

      I do not think my flare is based on soft tissue issues since I feel it mostly in the joint, the bone, not the soft tissue.
      There is some aching in the soft tissue but this is not where my problem is.
      My problem is the hip itself. Bone pain is different from muscle pain.


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