OS and MRI

I had my appointment with my OS by now.

Since my last X-rays were taken around the 6 month PO mark and I am now borderline 16 months, it was time for a fresh set of X-rays. Of both hips!

By now I know the drill… “point your toes together”, “give me the frog leg position”…. My  OS  looked at them but said, it is impossible to tell from an X-ray what’s going on, so he ordered an MRI. To rule out  AVN  and to pick up anything else that might be going on.

I asked him what would happen if  it was  AVN. His answer was short and simple – THR and that soon, before the hip collapses. Gosh!




He wanted the  MRI  as soon as possible and I got lucky to get an appointment the same afternoon. While I was waiting and being a nervous wreck about the potential bad diagnosis, I had the pleasure to sit next to some chatterbox.

By the time I got called in, I knew “what, where and for whom she worked, what her husband does and doesn’t do; where her son is stationed, what she sent him for Easter and of course what carrier choice her Grandkids chose for themselves”!

G-o-o-d-n-e-s-s !! Compared to that the noises the  MRI  machine made were calming.




The  MRI  took a good half hour, was not painful but not comfortable either since they had to tape my toes together. That puts the hips in a more optimal position somehow.


I got my diagnosis the same evening.

The good news first – the bone has fully healed and no  AVN. Bad news – I have a new labral tear! Not the greatest news but compared to having  AVN  and ending up with a  THR, this is gold. And compared to the hip fracture from last year an “upgrade”. (Hipster humor…)

The other, good hip is ok, just stressed out from compensation and overload.




I was told, I didn’t do anything wrong. It happened because the fracture was impacted and had to be pinned in a certain way the day of the accident. Now the hip is not anatomical anymore and to put it bluntly, something is “banging”against my labrum and tore it.

It is a different kind of tear than before, back then it was vertical, now it’s horizontal.

Shows again, listen to your body!! I knew this was more than a regular flare.


I will see my OS again in six days, to talk it over and discuss the next steps. It’s not ideal but it’s better than  AVN. Never thought I would say “I am happy it’s a labral tear”.

Let’s see what next steps my OS proposes.







3 thoughts on “OS and MRI

  1. Glad you were clear of AVN, must be a relief. Sorry to hear about the tear. I have heard of some problems when the hip is not anatomical after the pinning. Just about to read your next post. x

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