Thoughts on my labral tear

I have had now a few days to digest the news of a new labral tear. I did not expect to hear this, I thought it was a stress reaction but…




I bet my OS does not see it coming either. The MRI taken was not with a labral tear in mind.

For labral tears my OS prefers doing a arthogram MRI of the hip, but I had a very smart radiologist looking at my images. He picked it up.


I have had two labral tears before but the situation was different each time. It was the same surgery, same surgeon and even the same hospital, and yet, the recoveries could not have been more different.

My first hip arthroscopy with bone shaving and labral repair was straight forward. I had the same surgery on my left hip, with the difference of dealing with stress fractures in my acetabulum in the freshly operated hip, as well as in the hip that was still recovering. Now I can add a scoped & broken hip with a labral tear, just to make it a bit more challenging.


For some reason I don’t think my OS has another patient with the same scenario. Hm…

It might be a good idea to make a list of questions I have for him. The situation is now completely different from last time since the labrum did not get torn by my original cam or pincer lesion but through the new anatomic, “not so anatomic” shape of the pinned hip. It is a tricky question to answer, how to proceed from here.

I am not exactly thrilled about labral tear no. 3 but…




And just for fun… just when I thought finding information for “young people with hip fracture” is slim – try looking for “labral tear after hip pinning”. Nothing. Zero. Not even medical articles about it. Lame.




20 thoughts on “Thoughts on my labral tear

  1. Wow, you’re really not having the best time, are you! What kind of surgery will this require in order to fix it?

    I’ve been so lucky, in comparison, but have been told that the hip can’t be saved if I ever fall and break it again (and I’m at the mercy of my epilepsy and so the risk can’t be ruled out). I’m hoping that the screws will be out before Christmas.

    I hope you don’t have to wait too long to get this properly dealt with xx

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    1. Well, it certainly was not expected but I will deal with it.
      I am not sure of how to proceed. I have to wait for my next OS appointment. It is a tricky situation. Hoping for the best, as always.

      I thought you made the decision to keep the screws in for more stability?

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      1. I did, but the latest x-ray shows that my hip is pushing them out against the muscles and soft parts anyway, which is causing the pain. Also, I’ve been informed by both my consultant and my ex sports physio sister-in-law that keeping them when I’m at such a high risk of seizures causing critical injuries such as my hip would only put more strain on a second injury and make it even worse. Instead of a fracture, the screws could put enough strain on a second fracture to shatter the entire bone.

        I’d also like to not be in pain every time I move, and now we know the cause we know how to remedy it 🙂

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      2. I just hope it’s soon. My house looks as though a tornado landed in it (due to my being mostly immobile and my husband having to care for me and the tarantulas for more than a year) and I’d like to not be so reliant on my wheelchair (although, post-seizure and/or on a bad ME day I’ll still need it). I’ll be happy if I can have the operation before my autistic son’s birthday in June, as he was concerned when he saw that “Mummy not walking”. I’ll be on crutches for 6-8 weeks after the surgery apparently, but I’m sure my son would love it if I could stand and walk by Christmas 🙂

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  2. Indeed, there is just not another person like you! Because very few other people are as persistent and brave as you after the sequel of injuries! You are my role model and I just want to go back to ski, although I may skip the 2020 season and hope to resume it in 2021.

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    1. Thanks for your sweet comment.

      I could actually see you going skiing next year. Maybe later in the season but still. Anything is possible.
      Just keep doing your PT, be patient and give your body the proper time to heal it needs.

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      1. Your guess in god’s ear.

        Are you familiar with labral tears? The symptoms, surgery, recovery?
        Labral tears do not heal by themselves.
        They have a very important function for the hip and if injured they are a high pain generator.
        In most cases surgery is the only way to go.


      2. Physical therapy does not help a labral tear. I have had them twice, I tried, trust me.

        Having a labrum tear is a whole subject by itself. The injury can cause crippling pain and is not fun.

        Labral tears do require most of the time surgery and yes, arthroscopic surgery “IS” surgery as anybody who has had it will assure you.

        Labral tears come with difficult recoveries that take up to a year to recover from.
        Again, I have had two of them. I know what I am talking about.

        I have to wait what my OS says and go from there.

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  3. Sending you the biggest hug. That’s just cr*p news & whilst I think you’re amazing dealing with all this, remaining positive and brave – sometimes it’s just time to say “well this is sh*t news”. Wishing you the best in recovering from it 💕


  4. You are quite amazing to take this in strides. (Literally?) You could not be stronger by digesting this how you have. The simple comments of “this is life” and “it is what it is” used to come to me as negative thoughts until my surgeries. It’s so easy to feel beaten down. (This thing again? I haven’t done too much. This doesn’t make sense.) but I’m happy to hear it isnt AVN. With little information at hand, it’s even more impressive that you’re sharing. I was so scared, but this is where we start while we place a lot of trust in the doctors who have been there through it. What more can you do than take on the unknown like a champ? Stay strong and sending hip love.

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    1. Thank you very much for your kind words. They mean a lot, coming from another hipster like you. In all of my hip recoveries I found that positivity and also humor go a long way.

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