More afterthoughts…

The “after shock” is over and I found my inner peace again. I spent time analyzing my images from “before” the fracture & hip pinning to “after” and see now what my OS meant, when he said he can not address the bone.




I was told subcapital fractures most of the time occur from a fall; are impacted (Explanation:An impacted fracture occurs when the broken ends of the bone are jammed together by the force of the injury”), displaced and in almost all cases, the femoral neck gets slightly rotated because the illios psoas pulls on the lesser trochanter. Check mark on all of those.





To put it very simply…I had “interesting” hips to begin with (according to my OS: “those are the weirdest hips I have ever seen”) and now the femoral neck is not just twisted but also shortened. There is literally nothing left for him to shave off. (Enough for the hip to keep banging on the labrum though. Ugh.)


I really understand it now. I have been at this for a long time; I know my hip anatomy, how the labrum works, how arthroscopic surgery for a labral tear is done etc. – it’s all rather complex.


The good news are:

  • I don’t have AVN and don’t need a THR.
  • there is the treatment of cortisone.
  • my bone has healed 100%. No mal- union or non- union.
  • the screws have not shifted.
  • my muscles are symmetric, R vs. L.
  • I have good joint space and no OA.
  • the cartilage damage I have, has not gotten worse since I had my scope, five years ago.
  • the femoral neck looks definitely different now, after the fracture/ surgery BUT it did not end in leg length discrepancy. Some hip fracture patients end up with one leg being shorter than the other and are stuck with a limp. Got lucky there.


Looking at the big picture, it’s not optimal but could be worse. Another thing that really made me feel better was, I was told, it was not my fault it happened. I did not do anything wrong. Just crappy luck.




And by the way, the famous “fine line” I have been walking on as a hipster just got thinner.

Now I have to find out what triggers pain, how much is too much and find a lifestyle that does not aggravate the torn labrum, basically “do less” but at the same time I was told to “move, add minutes and do weight bearing exercises” to improve my osteopenia. Fun.





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