Cortisone injection

PO  MONTH  16 – not where I thought I would be but I am trying to make the best of it.

A few days ago I had my cortisone shot in my R hip. This would make it officially steroid injection No. 4, spread out over a period of six years “hip fun”.

The techs were very nice but the procedure was still rough. It’s a lot of pressure and burning when the injection goes in there. It’s not like a quick flu shot, it is guided under X-ray and has to be done slowly, to get it in, in the right angle and without hitting an artery, vein and nerves. A skill by itself.




I was told to stay off the joint for two days, so the steroids get the best chance to get absorbed and unfold the maximum relief.

On both days I felt the side effects from the cortisone. It felt like getting the flu – fast heartbeat, tiring very quickly and my face turned red and was hot to touch. Delayed allergic reaction. What else is new? Out of 4x, I got it 4x.


I continued my research and know now that I again have “FAI” with a labral tear. (= Femoral Acetabular Impingment), just of a different kind and  WAY  more difficult than before.

I found exactly two medical articles about it, almost 20 years old and with this completely outdated; and they both say the same thing. To “avoid impingement down the road, the reduction has to be made perfectly at the time of surgery.” Theoretically true but completely unrealistic and not doable.

No orthopedic surgeon will actually attempt pulling two broken ends of bones “apart” and try to twist the femoral neck back in position before putting the pins in. The chance of causing more damage or ripping some arteries are way too big.

So, as I said, not great medical articles to go by. Maybe I should become a case study for my OS?!


This week I will try working out again. Starting with 5 minutes. Back to the beginning.





7 thoughts on “Cortisone injection

      1. I agree, positive mindset makes a huge difference. I’m getting there, pain is getting less (except for when the weather changes and things like that) I still have some imbalances and am walking a bit like a drunken pirate some days. But I’m doing a lot better thanks. đŸ™‚

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      2. Imbalance takes a long time to correct. If you start walking like a “drunken pirate” then your muscles are probably tired and one side starts compensating. Happens to me too, even at 16 months PO. It’s a good indicator to slow down a bit.
        But overall, you are doing okay? Good job!!

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      3. Yeah definitely getting better, learnt some techniques to (just about) block out pain when it does strike and I’m learning the patterns of it and what aggravates it. Yeah true, it usually is when I’m tired or I’ve pushed it a bit. Still learning, getting there, hopefully won’t need a parrot on my shoulder soon lol.

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