“Alright, alright, alright”

I am doing good.

The cortisone took off the edge and does its magic. Quite nice to not have really aching hips and to get a mental breather.




I also went back to the gym but nothing crazy, to not aggravate Majesty hip. 5 minutes the Elliptical/ level 1 and 10 minutes the stationary bike, also level 1 so far. Stretches are back on the menu, light weights, foam rolling and even planks.

Verdict – both times the hip was aching afterwards, but tolerable. I now took eight weeks off because of the flare, which was topped off by the diagnosis of the labral tear. I guess I have to ease back into it and enjoy what I “can” do, more than getting grumpy about what I “can’t” do.




You also know you have been way too long at this, when various people keep pointing out “you are walking! Without crutches.” (Geez. I used to be known for my tennis game. Now I am known for “hips”. What a trade off!)


I also don’t know how many times I was asked recently if I am getting a  THR. No, I am not. Final answer.

My hip went through quite a bit already, is not anatomic anymore and a bit beaten up but everything considered, it’s still a good quality, functional hip. And most of all, my own bone.

The hip would have to be in pretty rough shape to qualify for getting a  THR  and mine is far from it.


Today I met a woman who told me, “I heard arthroscopic surgery on the hip is easy.” Uh huh.

Comments like this  ONLY  can come from people who never had it done. If there is “nothing” to it, I wonder why they knock you out with general anesthesia, why you have to be on crutches for several weeks, why you need  PT  for months and why the heck, the recovery takes a year minimum. Enlighten me please.


Sometimes I wish people would just not say anything at all, instead of belittling something that they have no experience with.

To save myself from getting high blood pressure and disappointment, I did not tell most people about the latest developments. People have a short attention span if it doesn’t concern them personally, people don’t care and people are tired of it. (Join the club!)


Everything will be okay. I will figure it out.


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4 thoughts on ““Alright, alright, alright”

  1. Yeah the comments are annoying sometimes aren’t they. I’ve had that crutch/stick comment. I was in a wheelchair for a bit when I was recovering and every time I stepped out I would say ‘it’s a miracle’ lol I like winding people up that stare or make comments.

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