1,5 years after complete hip fracture



Funny cute dog celebrating his birthday party


Some of you might be wondering why I was  MIA  for the last few weeks. I had major security issues with my blog and had to shut it down.


Much has happened since I last had the pleasure.

About a month ago I felt a big push in my recovery. It really feels like pieces are falling into place. Finally.


I went on a pretty far away trip which involved a lot of sitting, just getting there, and once there, we walked and walked and walked. All day long. Up to 11 miles/ 18 km a day and on a “slow day” a minimum of 6 miles/ almost 10 km.


At home I am back in my garden and can do 1-2 hours of garden work a few times a week. I try to take turns with one day garden work, the next day gym, to not stress things out too much.

I can do so many things again , it’s amazing. On an average day, I just do my things and most of the times I am pain free and not even aching. (The cortisone shot from beginning of May still seems to work too.)


A few things are still difficult for me, like sports. That progress is reeeal  s-l-o-w.




My gym status is right now:

  • Elliptical, 13 minutes/ level 1
  • stationary bike, 15 minutes/ level 1
  • treadmill – walking,  NO  incline, 20 minutes/ medium pace


Not spectacular but not bad for where I am coming from either.




I tried tennis again, after having to take a 6 months break because of a frozen shoulder (also super fun!), and that would get the headline “felt great while I did it…”




The aftermath was not pretty. The following night my hip and the surrounding soft tissue was deeply throbbing away and kept me awake till 5 am. Good times… Till everything had calmed down again took about five days.

I guess the pounding on cement was not ideal and my hip & the soft tissue is not used to doing “real” workouts anymore. In comparison, skiing was easier. That I did nicely already at 13 months PO.

Next time I will bury my hip under ice and take Ibuprofen afterwards. On purpose I didn’t do this last time, to “see” where my hip is at. If I numb it up with ice and a handful of Ibuprofen right away, I can’t tell how it truly feels. Makes sense?

I still have soft tissue issues in my hip, groin and thigh but it’s getting better too.


Overall I am really happy, life has picked up again and even though sports are still quite limited, except for that, I can finally say… I feel like  ME  again!

That’s all I ever wanted.





4 thoughts on “1,5 years after complete hip fracture

    1. Thanks. Well, I still got the torn labrum. That did not go away and will not go away but I am doing good. I don’t know what the future holds for me and my hip but at the moment I am doing alright. Hope you are too.

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  1. Good to see you back. I am just over a year now since my fracture and surgery and am feeling a lot better. Hope you had a good holiday.


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